Bold Button Bracelet - What To Do With Buttons

Button Bracelets
You probably have seen these all over the internet and at craft shows.  Button bracelets are a fun way to repurpose vintage and not so vintage buttons.  It's not hard really,  just takes time - a few hours.
I used a wide elastic band for the base.  I took a piece of 1 inch wide elastic and wrapped it around my wrist - loosely.  Allow for some give so that it will fit different wrist sizes.  Then I cut the elastic and sewed the two ends together securely with my sewing machine.  Since the elastic will get stretched when the bracelet is put on and taken off make sure that the ends are secure.
I used a dark brown elastic to coordinate with the buttons that I chose to use.   You want the elastic to blend in  with the buttons in case there are gaps.
I preselected some buttons that I knew I wanted to use as focal points.  Then I picked through my button stash and found smaller buttons to be fillers.   I used coordinating thread also so that it doesn't stand out against the brown elastic.  There's lots of stitches and you don't want to see them on the backside of the bracelet. 
I start sewing buttons on the elastic band  - the smaller ones first - usually at the edge of the band.  I like to have them extend beyond the edges of the band. 
Keep sewing them on and try the bracelet on every so often.  You will notice where there are gaps, etc.  Just fill them in with a button.  Stack flat buttons  and sew together or use a flat button and one with a short shank sewed together.  The fun part is you never know what your bracelet will turn out like but guarantee, it will be gorgeous!